About Our Fishing Jewelry

About us and our hancrafted jewelry
Ahoy shipmates and lovers of the sea!

You've been our good friends and customers for more than 15 years now and we wish to say "Thank you!" to each and every one of you, "You are the greatest!"

We will continue to bring you finely crafted, lovingly handcrafted jewelry designs for another 15 years (at least!)

As always, we create and own the nautical jewelry designs ourselves and have the copyrights to prove it...no one else can make or sell our handcrafted nautical jewelry anywhere!

Therefore, your investment and the "prestige" of wearing a T.O.L.G. Original design are secure! You will never see our fine handcrafted fishing jewelry mass produced commercially and marketed in bulk from coast-to-coast anywhere.

Know the pride of possession and confidence that goes with owning a Treasure of Lost Galleons Nautical Jewelry "Original". And all this is yours at no higher price! How is this possible you may ask? Simple...we design & handcraft it ourselves, manufacture it ourselves, and sell it ourselves!

That's it! It cannot get any better than this, so call us now...Exciting change is coming your way!

Captain Marty Malik

For more information on our nautical and fishing jewelry contact us today!