When an actual Turks Head knot was tied somewhere, it was naturally with line (or rope, as landlubbers call it). By making each "strand", of our rings, out of two twisted wires we have perfectly reproduced the "look" of actual knots from centuries ago and now we have doubled it! Tri color gold wire hand woven. If realism and adherance to tradition have a value to you… then look no further than the seamless artistry of our nautical gold jewelry Turks knot rings!


Additional information

Variation SKUs 13-R129-9 S6, 13-R129-9 S7, 13-R129-9 S8, 13-R129-9 S9, 13-R129-9 S10, 13-R129-9 S11, 13-R129-9 S12
Ring Size

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Metal Type14K Yellow Gold

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